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1982: Appeared with and coordinated television appearances and media activities for bestselling “Life Extension” authors Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw.

Production consultant to Barry Farber’s 20th Century Fox nationally syndicated television show.

1984: Instrumental in creating and co-producing the nationally distributed interactive video, “How to Win at Life Extension,” hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Fisher.

1985-86: V.P. / Medical Communications of United Sciences of America (USA, Inc.), Mr. Martin assembled prestigious medical and scientific advisory boards (which included Dr. Michael DeBakey and two Nobel laureates) and co-produced a series of widely distributed company video programs.

1990: Developed the internationally distributed video “Recovering the Soul” presented by Dr. Larry Dossey, the renowned physician/author/philosopher. This project was produced by Alvin H Perlmutter, the executive producer of the landmark Bill Moyers / PBS-TV series, “The Power of Myth” with Joseph Campbell.

1994-96: Recruited by Roger Ailes (Fox News, Chairman & CEO) at America’s Talking/CNBC to be a producer on “Alive & Wellness,” the first and only daily national TV show devoted entirely to alternative health. Mr. Martin also worked directly with Mr. Ailes as a producer on his America’s Talking/CNBC show, “Straight Forward with Roger Ailes,” and as the producer of “Pork” with John David Klein, which focused on government waste and boondoggles from a satirical perspective.

2012: Co-host/reporter on the Synergixx/Chamonix nationally distributed television infomercial for T-Gen.

2014-Current: Producing and hosting scores of informational and marketing videos for West~Martin Longevity.