2019: Host, Living Beyond 100 / KCBQ AM & FM, San Diego

2015: Host, West-Martin Longevity Radio (syndicated).

2013-14: Host of the Eternity Medicine radio show on KABC Radio in Los Angeles.

2012-current: Radio spokesman for Unimed International/Chamonix;

2011-12: Hosted “Health Radio News,” syndicated by Logic Media, which has been heard nationally on SiriusXM and 11 broadcast stations across the country.

2008-10: Hosted New Vitality Live for two years on WOR Radio in New York and for over two years appeared nearly every day of the week on hundreds of radio stations across the country as the Voice of New Vitality. New Vitality is the largest radio advertiser in the nutraceutical/cosmeceutical industry and is regularly in the top ten of all companies in all industries. Mr. Martin emerged as the primary radio spokesman for New Vitality, eclipsing a roster of well-known health spokespeople.

1997-08: Produced, wrote and co-hosted thousands of hours of daily live and pre-recorded Hickey Chemists/InVite Health talk radio programs on New York City’s leading stations (WEVD/WWRL/WOR/WABC); co-hosts included Jerry Hickey, R.Ph., Richard Walker, M.D., Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D., and many other leading nutrition and longevity experts.

1986-87: Hosted a topically wide-ranging talk radio show on KTNS Radio, the ABC Radio affiliate in Dallas, TX.

1984: Created “The Life Extension Show” with Jeffrey Fisher, M.D. on WOR Radio, the first medical/nutritional radio talk show in New York.

1981-82: Produced talk radio legend Barry Farber’s WMCA talk radio show. Mr. Martin was a frequent guest panelist and ultimately, a guest host. He was also a production consultant to Mr. Farber’s nationally syndicated television program.

1969-70: Key member of the student team that initiated and planned St. John’s University radio station WSJU.


Geraldo Rivera
Tom Joyner
Rusty Humphries
Al Sharpton
Forever Young
Dr. Ronald Hoffman
Yolanda Adams
Marcus Wiley
Doug Stephan
Michael Baisden
Duke and the Doctor
Russ Parr
Dr. Bob Martin
Warren Ballentine
Kat James
Healthy By Nature
Dr. Asa On Call
GreeenAcres Health Radio
Rob Redding
Urban Journal
D.C. and the Family


Mark Simone / WOR
Sid Rosenberg / WABC
Michael Riedel / WOR
Steve Cochran / WGN
Joe Barlett / WOR
Howie Carr / WRKO
Tom Marr / WCBM
Rick Roberts / WBAP
John Carlson / KVI
Joe Bartlett / WOR
Ben Shapiro / KTTH
Michael Medved / KTTH
Laura Smith / WABC
Doug McIntyre / KABC
Dr. Bob Martin / KABC
John Phillips / KABC
Michael Graham / WTKK
Todd Herman / KTTH
Alice Rios / KRLD
Amy Chodroff / KLIF
Lee Mathews / KTOK
Dr. Alan Pressman / WWRL
Sid Rosenberg / WQAM
Larry O’Conner / WMAL
Jim Mulvaney / WBBM
Joyce Kaufman / WFTL
Jeff Kuhner / WRKO
Lauren Cohn / WLS
Mark Reardon / KMOX
Gary Freeman / KGAB
Dan Mandis / WWTN
Bruce Elliot / WCBM
Bill Carroll / KFI
Mark Thompson / KFI
Bret Bakita / WOOD
Rich Stevens / WFTL
Jane Shannon / KOMO
Bryan Calvert / KOMO
Doug Wagner / WMT
Phil Paleologos / WBSM
Charly Butcher / WOWO
Dave Boze / KTTH
Milt Rosenberg / WCGO
Rod Arquette / KNRS
Alan Stock / KDWN
Michael Brown / KHOW
Jeff Katz / WRVA
Frankie Boyer / WBNW
Robert Mangino / KDKA
Holistic Healthline / WHJJ
Dr. Fred Vagnini / WOR
Conscious Talk / KKNW
Dr. David Kipper / KABC
Matt Patrick / KPRC
Terry Boyd / KPAM
Milt Rosenberg / WCGO
Dennis Mallory / WKXW
Keith Larson / WBT
David Krusenklaus / WVLK
Dayna Roselli / KXNT-FM
Paul Richards / WHLI
Frank Luber / WCBM
Tara Granahan / WPRO
Tracy Shaw / KIKK
Rick Hamada / KHVH
Ray Dunaway / WTIC
Don Parker / WCOA
Kevin Miller / KIDO
Steve Kelly / WOOD
Tony Macrini / WNIS
Wlillie Cunningham / WLW
June Knight / WRKO
Storm Kennedy / KUGN
Bob Clark / KKOB
Rebecca Marshall / KXL
Jeff DeForrest / WINZ
Kira Cooperman / WTKK
Sean Casey / WCBM
Chris Walton / KBOI
Richard Dixon / WAPI
Gateway To Vibrant Health / KCBQ
Dan Maduri / WWBA
Larry Jay / WTKM
Jack Patti / WVLK
Healthy House Call / KFNX
Carol Blonder / KFNX
Rosemary Chalmers KSCO
Tom & Todd / WRKO
Phil Williams / WNOX / WOKI
Tom Fitzsimmons / KNCO
Tara Servatius / WTMA
The Healthier Way / KCBQ
Big O / WMEN
Cedric Bailey / KSOY
Dan Lovallo / WDRC
Ederic Kerney / KUBD
Seeing Beyond / KEST
Jon Vos / QR77
Michael Ecton / WDAO
Ron Krauss / WTKM
Joe Rose / WQAM
Jack Pattie / WVLK
John Kentera / XX1090
Kevin Cottrell / WMCA
Jim Giebel / KNXR
Bob Wells / KJSL
Les Szekely / WEOL
Jonathan Wilde / KWOF
Michael Davis / KRKC
WCCF, WLVJ, and…
Hosted a Live Daily Show / WVNJ
Hosted a Live Daily Segment / WMCA


Mr. Martin has been the host or the guest on dozens of radio infomercials for industry leaders New Vitality, Purity Products, Synergixx/Chamonix, Physicians Exclusive, American Global Health Group, InVite Health and West~Martin Longevity.


Since 1982, Mr. Martin has written, produced and voiced scores of 60 & 30 second radio commercials for numerous companies.

“Rob has such incredible communications skills in motivating the audience to take action steps for greater wellness with his breakthrough products!”
- Dr. Dan Koontz / The nation’s longest running health talk host