1982: Mr. Martin worked with bestselling “Life Extension” authors Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, particularly on their bestseller, “Life Extension Companion.”

1993: Integral to the development of Dr. Larry Dossey’s New York Times bestseller, “Healing Words” (1993).

1999: Secured the publishing deal for “Dr. Gaynor’s Cancer Prevention Program,” authored by Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD, leading Cornell oncologist.

1999: Secured a lucrative newsletter and product distribution deal for Mr. Hickey and Dr. Mitchell Gaynor with Phillips Publishing/Healthy Directions of Potomac, Maryland, plus a similar deal for InVite Health’s Samuel Benjamin, M.D.

2011: Conceived “African-American Healthy,” (2011) authored by Richard Walker, M.D., which reports on the crisis of vitamin D deficiency in the African-American community. African-American Healthy was awarded “Best Health Book of the Year” by the Independent Book Publishers Association for 2011.

2011-12: Wrote and designed a series of advertorials for the Bainbridge & Knight Lichi Product line. These advertorials were distributed nationally by American Media in their highest circulation magazines.

2012: Has secured a publishing deal with Regnery Books for his client/author, Philippa Cheetham, M.D., Oxford educated urological surgeon. The focus will be prostate health to be published in 2015.

2012: Has also secured a book deal for “Magnificent Magnesium” with Square One Publishers for his client/author, NYU cardiologist Dennis Goodman, M.D., published in 2014.