Mr. Martin has guided the media and marketing careers of leading physicians and health authorities. Former clients include author / life extension authority Jeffrey A. Fisher, M.D.; Oxford trained urologist Philippa Cheetham, M.D., Ph.D; NYU cardiologist Dennis Goodman, M.D.; age management specialist/author Richard Walker, M.D.; Johns Hopkins educated neurosurgeon Jacob Rosenstein, M.D.; age management specialist/author Graham Simpson, M.D.; age management specialist Jim Meehan, M.D.; best selling author Larry Dossey, M.D.; oncologist/author Mitchell Gaynor, M.D.; nutritionist/author Carl Germano, RD, CNS, CDN; Dr. Isabella Tausz/; Brandon Colby, M.D. author of “Outsmart Your Genes,” among others.

He is also a business and product development advisor to the nutraceutical and integrative medicine community. Current and past clients include; Eagle Wellness/Newport Natural Health, Unimed Int./Chamonix, Jigsaw Health, Purity Products, Maximum Human Performance, Bronson Vitamins, Twinlab, Bainbridge & Knight Laboratories, OmEssentials, Health2Go, Eternity Medicine Institute, Southwest Age Intervention Institute, E-Pro Nutrition, Foundation Ventures/BioTech Nutriceuticals, among others.